Motonautica Vesuviana was founded in 1994 by the Engineer Vincenzo Nappo, and his passion for both the sea and the Rigid Inflatable Boats (R.I.Bs). The experience gained through years of marine and navigation practices as well as nautical camping, became the springboard for the design and construction of R.I.Bs. which grant the best responses to the needs of the most demanding enthusiasts.

Right from the beginning Motonautica Vesuviana (MV) established three main pillars upon which its shipyard was created: Quality, Design and Reliability. Thus the company designed and realized the entire production cycle inside the factory, ranging from the initial project design, to models, moulds, fibreglass (VTR), inox, wood and rubber parts ending with the fabrics and upholstery fittings.

This philosophy has enabled MV to acquire a know-how that covers many sectors, from the design of CAD-CAM 3D hulls of high performance, to the lamination of composite materials, made by Infusion and RTM system, to vibration free frames and high endurance structures. Thanks to the combination of all these knowledge acquired over the years, the engineering department of MV designs and builds not only gorgeous but also functional and reliable R.I.Bs. with excellent navigation skills, which can weigh up to 30% less than average. Hence these RIBs can offer reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and therefore beneficial to both the operating cost and the environment. It is for all these facts that Motonautica Vesuviana guarantees not only piece of mind and trouble free navigation experience but also excellent resale boat value.

With strong passion, strong technology base and knowledge acquired, always inspired by customers’ enthusiasm, Motonautica Vesuviana is paving a new way of conceiving, visualising and constructing the inflatable boats of the future.

Motonautica Hellas, Διαπούλη 32, Λυκόβρυση | ΤΚ. 14123 | Τηλ. +30 210 2852 222, Φαξ. +30 210 2852 223

Κινητό 6947 181 848 & 6937 443 443